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Welcome to Jambrek Transport company

Latest technology, advanced logistics, qualified and experienced drivers.


Safe and reliable transport from point A to point B.


We'll make sure your goods are stored safely and securely, for as long as needed.


Our work will be carried out effectively and cost-efficiently.

Prudential certificate of excellence

Prudential Certificate of Excellence credit is one of the most important European standards that define the quality of operations and is, in other words, an internationally recognized mark of quality economic entity.

Committed to the highest international standards

In our business we have gained vast knowledge and experience in international transport, storage and dispatch of goods unique goal. Our rule up to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

The principles which propel us forward

Latest technology, educated logistics, the maximum commitment qualified and experienced drivers with the latest technology that we use are synonymous with our company.

International operations

Our clients come from all over Europe, from large worldwide organizations to small local businesses.

Euro VI compliant

All our vehicles fully meet the Euro VI standard. A large portion of our drivers and vehicles are ADR certified.

Transport of goods

Our fleet of 63 trucks (50 mega trucks, 13 tautliners), 7 jumbo trucks (3 jumbo box), 4 solo trucks, 4 delivery vans, 2 passenger vans and 100 trailers makes high-quality and fast transportation on international and domestic routes easy.

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